Luminetic Land: the game about light, colors and physics for iPhone and iPad


The game about light, colors and physics for iPhone and iPad


Stars are lost and need your help: light them up!
Touch the magnets to move your Luminetics and light up each star with the right light beam. Mix two different light beams to create new colors. But be fast, because your time is running out!

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100 levels. And the first 25 ones are for free!

The 100 levels of Luminetic Land are like puzzles: they will give you hours of fun. First, you have to realize how to solve the puzzle, then you can try to improve your game time in order to win 3 medals and finally you can compare it with the times of your friends on Game Center.
Have you ever feel like you wasted your money on buying an app? This is no good for you and even for the developer, who gets a bad review. For this reason, Luminetic Land offers you the first 25 levels for free (with ads), so you can try the game. If you like it, you can buy the Premium Pack 1 and get the other 75 levels. No more advertising, more fun!



Magnets, crates, rocks, bombs, ice blocks and teleporters

In Luminetic Land you will run into several objects, each with its peculiar physical properties. One of the many challenges of the game is to learn to know these objects in order to solve the puzzle. A tip: in Luminetic Land colors have often a meaning!

Ray Casting: the right way to shine a light

The Ray Casting is a technique used to solve several problems in computer graphics. Frequently in video games it is used to detect whether a character can see another one. Luminetic Land uses this technique in a completely different way: the Ray Casting here helps to create new light beams which react in a dynamic way to the environment. And the GPU inside your iPhone or iPad is used to paint every single pixel of the light beam so the pictures can give you an amazing viewing experience.


Universal app

In Luminetic Land each level is designed to be played on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. But you don’t have to download one app for iPhone and another one for iPad, or two different apps for the free version and the paid version. It’s just All-In-One! And thanks to the vector graphics, the app will occupy less than 15 MB, so you don’t have to delete your pictures and your favorite songs to make space for the app.


A brilliant soundtrack

The soundtrack is by the new yorker composer Mike Weiser. You will notice that it is simply the perfect listening during your experience through the quiet and bright places of Luminetic Land. Do you really want to “go into” the 100 wonderful puzzles in Luminetic Land? Then put your headphones in your ears and turn the volume up. Trust me!

No complex interfaces

The challenging of a game should not be represented by its interface. On the contrary, this should assure the player that he or she has full control of the game. Playing Luminetic Land is very simple: you only have to touch a magnet and this will attract Luminetics.


Where’s the fun in being the best if nobody knows?

Game Center is integrated into the game and each level has a leaderboard. Do you want to challenge your friends? Choose a level you completed with a good time and send your friends Game Center challenges. And every time you get a high score use Game Center to share it on Facebook and Twitter, or to send it via Messages or Mail. Without ever leaving Luminetic Land!

The game starts on your iPad and continues on your iPhone

You are playing on your iPad but you can’t solve a puzzle. Later on in the day you have a “Eureka moment” but you have left your iPad at home. Take your iPhone and test your solution! Every time you open Luminetic Land on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch you will view your scores updated. You only have to do this: play for fun!

iOS 7 Compatible

You can play Luminetic Land on the following devices running iOS 7:

  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4
  • iPad Air, iPad with Retina display, iPad 2
  • iPad Mini with Retina display, iPad Mini
  • iPod touch (5th gen)

100% indie

Luminetic Land was conceived and developed in Italy by a single game designer during 14 months of work.
It is a totally independent project and its aim is to offer a unique experience to players. If it is successful, it will be followed by the next game. So, if you like Luminetic Land, leave a good review on the App Store and share this game on Facebook and Twitter!